Volunteering at McGregor- Ways You Can Help

Through the generous support of people like you including donors, residents, customers and business partners,             McGregor is able to achieve our mission of supporting seniors in need by enhancing the lives                                                     of the Volunteers who serve them.

Volunteering is an enormous part of making progress in strengthening communities.  
National Volunteer Appreciation Month (April) is a time to celebrate those who dedicate their time to be                          stewards and leaders of our community through Volunteerism.  

 "We make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give" ~ Winston Churchill

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Training For A DayHelp us provide training for one valueable Volunteer. Training will enable a Volunteer to assist in our resident programs with small group activities, supportive care for a resident, safe techniques, Community Projects or become a Program Leader. Orientation is provided for each Volunteer, lunch, and updated care & safety training.$100.00
Volunteer EnrichmentAnnual Volunteer Appreciation Day Program celebrates those who dedicate their time to be stewards and leaders of our community through volunteerism. Your contribution will allow us to continue this program by providing volunteer resources, recruitment, education, certificates, keepsake program, an elegant luncheon with inspirational keynote speaker and tools for their program needs. $75.00
Annual Appreciation ProgramCelebrate those who dedicate their time to be stewards and leaders of our community through Volunteerism. Every year we show our appreciation and support of our Volunteers through this recognition and inspirational program. Volunteers come from the community, are sometimes family members or a corporate organization. Consider being a sponsor partner in this program.$350.00
In Memory Your contribution will celebrate the Memory of an individual who has made a difference in the lives of others by sharing the value of Volunteering.Your Choice
In HonorHonor of an individual who shares in the significance of Volunteering.Your Choice
Music Recognition AwardMusic and related programs are an important part of community and resident lives at McGregor. Musicians perform at McGregor, providing life enrichment.$50.00

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